Conquer the Wilderness

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Introducing Rowdie by Zesteq: A Masculine Fragrance Inspired by the Untamed Wilderness. This luxurious perfume for men is the perfect embodiment of adventure and thrill. Crafted with the finest ingredients, Rowdie is a reflection of the spirit and will of the modern man.

With its woody notes and animalistic embrace, this fragrance captures the perfect balance of wildness and grace. The scent is designed to evoke a sense of rugged masculinity, making it the perfect choice for the smart and sophisticated man.

Experience the Perfume Fragrance for Men Rowdie by Zesteq. This gents perfume is a must-have perfume to your collection. Elevate your senses and make a statement with Rowdie, the ultimate luxury perfume for men. Grab it now.

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Embark on an olfactory adventure with Rowdie, a captivating perfume from the esteemed house of Zesteq. Inspired by the rugged spirit of a sport-loving, courageous man traversing through dense forests and alongside flowing rivers, Rowdie exudes an invigorating sense of exploration and vitality.

Crafted for the modern-day adventurer, Rowdie encapsulates the fearless spirit of exploration and the thrill of discovery. Whether you're navigating rugged terrain or embarking on an urban escapade, let Rowdie be your steadfast companion, infusing each moment with a sense of vitality and daring.
Indulge in the allure of the untamed wilderness with Rowdie by Zesteq, and experience the essence of masculine courage and vitality captured in every drop.


Top Notes: Rowdie opens with a dynamic blend of Musk, Cedarwood, and Oriental Notes, evoking the crisp freshness of a forest morning. Musk adds a touch of sensuality, while Cedarwood infuses the scent with a woody, masculine depth. The Oriental Notes lend an exotic allure, transporting you to distant lands ripe for discovery.

Heart Note: At the heart of Rowdie lies a captivating fusion of Rose, Civet, and Aqua Notes, reminiscent of the lush greenery and cool waters of the wilderness. The delicate sweetness of Rose is balanced by the animalic richness of Civet, creating a harmonious interplay of contrasts. Aqua Notes add a refreshing aquatic accord, mirroring the soothing rush of a flowing river.

Base Note: As the fragrance settles, it unveils a warm and comforting base of Vanilla, Sandalwood, and Citrus Notes. Vanilla adds a creamy sweetness, while Sandalwood imparts a creamy smoothness, reminiscent of sun-drenched shores. Citrus Notes provide a zesty freshness, lingering like the last rays of sunlight dappling through the forest canopy.

Story of Rowdie

With woody notes and an animalistic touch,
This fragrance embodies a man's strength and such,
A scent that's rowdy, with a foresty feel,
And a freshness that's reminiscent of rainfall teal.

For the adventurous guy who's wild at heart,
This perfume is a symbol of his strength and part,
A fragrance that's bold and fearless,
And a scent that pursues freshness.

With every spritz, he feels a surge of courage,
A reminder of his inner strength to encourage,
And as he ventures out into the great unknown,
This fragrance as constant companion to be shown.

    Rowdie Luxury perfume for men branded, Fragrance of smart man
    Rowdie Luxury perfume for men branded, Fragrance of smart man
    Rowdie Luxury perfume for men branded, Fragrance of smart man
    Rowdie Luxury perfume for men branded, Fragrance of smart man


    How long does the fragrance typically last?

    Our perfume is designed to provide an All Day Stay experience, ensuring that the fragrance lasts throughout the entire day. While individual experiences may vary due to factors such as skin chemistry and application technique, our goal is to create a long-lasting scent that accompanies you from morning to night, allowing you to enjoy Zesteq's Signature Fragrance without worrying about frequent reapplication.

    How should I store the perfume to maintain its quality?

    To maintain the quality of your perfume, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ideally, keep it in its original packaging to protect it from light and air exposure. Avoid storing it in the bathroom, as humidity can affect the fragrance. By following these storage guidelines, you can preserve the integrity and longevity of your perfume for an optimal scent experience.

    What is the concentration of the perfume?

    Our perfume is crafted with a high concentration of fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting scent experience. The general concentration of an EDP is typically between 15-20%. While we don't disclose an exact percentage, rest assured that our perfume is created with the perfect balance of natural oils to provide a rich and captivating fragrance. Our goal is to offer a perfume with a concentration that delivers both longevity and an enticing aroma that will leave a lasting impression.

    What does the perfume smell like?

    Oud Arabia unveils a captivating fragrance that embraces you with its warm, sweet and enticing aura. The rich and velvety yet heavy oudwood, carefully blended with soft notes of jasmine and neroli, creates a symphony of scents that caresses the senses. As the fragrance unfolds, a tapestry of roses, castoreum, and cardamom gently weaves together, adding depth and allure. Finally, the soft embrace of sandalwood and cedarwood envelopes you in a lingering warmth that evokes the essence of Arabian nights.