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Obvious Orange Essential Oil

for glow on the face

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"Introducing the Obvious Orange Essential Oil by Zesteq - the perfect addition to your skincare routine! This 15 ml bottle of pure and natural essential oil is free from any chemical mixing, ensuring that you get only the best for your skin. The beautiful zesty reusable packaging box with a glass silicon dropper makes it easy to use and store.

The Obvious Orange Essential Oil is known for its amazing benefits on the skin. It stimulates collagen production, helps retain moisture, and prevents ageing, giving you a youthful and glowing complexion. The warm and citrusy aroma of this essential oil is also known to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Just add 2 drops in your daily moisturiser and massage lightly on your face.

This versatile essential oil can be used in a diffuser to create a refreshing atmosphere in your home or office. You can also mix it with a carrier oil for a luxurious massage experience that will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated. You can add to your facials creams and facepacks.

Invest in your skin's health with the Obvious Orange Essential Oil by Zesteq. Try it today and experience the difference it can make to your skincare routine!"

  • Antimicrobial activity
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Pain relief
  • Anticancer and antioxidant activity
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Enhance blood circulation


  • PURE & NATURAL: Zesteq's Obvious Orange Essential Oil is the purest form of Chemical-free undiluted oil extracted from Hydro-distillation of Oranges.
  • GOODNESS OF ORANGE: Orange is known as the powerhouse of nutrition like Vitamin C, Folate, Calcium and more. Harness the nutrition of Orange into your skin with its oil absorbed in its pores.
  • PACKAGE: This Essential Oil is packaged in Zesty Magnetic Box. It has 2 special droppers: one is Convenient Insert Dropper and other is Precision Silicon Dropper.
  • GLOWING SKIN: Obvious Orange Oil is absorbed in the skin, moisturises it, nourish it and give a special glow. It also keeps the skin acne free. Just 2 drops in your daily moisturiser, cream or face pack.
  • HAIR CARE: Obvious Orange Oil nourishes your scalp, reduce dandruff, helps in making hairs thicker and shiny.
  • AROMATHERAPY: To perfect your Hair and Skin care, Just add few drops in SPA, Massage, Bath and Diffusers.
  • ZESTEQ'S MISSION: We are on a mission to bring loyalty by providing the purest goodness to nature given in Ayurveda. Current civilisation is now understanding the importance of Essential oil in their routine so as to live a healthy and beautiful life.
    Directions For Use

    Pure Essential oils are 70 times more concentrated than the whole plant. So the use of Essential oil directly is strictly prohibited. Use them after Dilution in following ways:

    IN MASSAGE: For adults 2.5% dilution is recommended, while 1% dilution for children is safe. For 30 ml oil, we can use 6 drops for children and 12-15 drops for adults.

    INHALATION: 5-10 Drops can be mixed in hot water for inhalation.

    BATHS: To use the essential oils for bath, 5-10 drops of oil can be mixed with half cup of bath salts or milk. If you are using them in a bath tub, then just mix 5-10 drops in the bath tub to take maximum benefit.

    COMPRESSES: Put 10 drops in 120 ml hot water. Soak cotton cloth and wrap on the affected area.

    FACIAL STEAM: Put 1-5 drops in hot water in a pot, cover head with a towel for steam on face.

    DIFFUSER: Put 5-10 drops in the diffuser for fragranting and purifying the air.


    For external Use only.

    Avoid contact with eyes.

    In sensitive/allergic cases, use under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    Do not apply directly on the skin without Dilution.

    Keep in cool, dry and dark place.

      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Obvious Orange Essential Oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
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      15 ml Essential oil
      + Elegant Reusable Box
      + Precision Silicon Dropper
      + 2 Zesty Stickers
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