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Lyrical Lavender Essential oil

for skin nourishment and chapped lips

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"Introducing Zesteq's Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil - a 100% pure and natural essential oil that offers a multitude of benefits for your skin. With its exceptional nourishing properties, this essential oil is a true gem for those seeking radiant and healthy skin. It effectively reduces pigmentation and works wonders in curing chapped lips. Packed with the goodness of lavender, this essential oil brings you the best of nature's bounty.

Zesteq's Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil comes in a zesty reusable magnetic box, ensuring that your product remains safe and secure. The UV resistant bottle further protects the oil from harmful sunlight, preserving its potency for longer periods. The precision dropper allows for easy and accurate application, ensuring that you get the desired results every time.

When it comes to nourishing the skin, Zesteq's Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil is a game-changer. To use it for nourishment, simply cleanse your face and apply a few drops of the oil onto your fingertips. Gently massage the oil onto your face and neck in circular motions until fully absorbed. Allow the oil to work its magic overnight, and wake up to rejuvenated and moisturized skin.

To tackle pigmentation issues, take a small amount of the essential oil and mix it with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil. Apply the mixture directly to the pigmented areas and gently massage for a few minutes. Repeat this process daily for best results. Over time, you will notice a visible reduction in pigmentation, revealing a more even-toned complexion.

When it comes to curing chapped lips, Zesteq's Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil is a fantastic solution. Take a drop of the oil on your finger and gently massage it onto your lips. The nourishing properties of lavender will soothe and hydrate your lips, leaving them soft and supple. Apply as needed throughout the day to maintain moisture and prevent chapping.

In conclusion, Zesteq's Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil is a pure and natural solution for achieving healthy skin. Its nourishing properties, ability to reduce pigmentation, and effectiveness in curing chapped lips make it an essential addition to your skincare routine. With its zesty reusable magnetic box, UV resistant bottle, and precision dropper, this essential oil is not only effective but also convenient to use. Unlock the power of lavender and experience the transformative benefits of Zesteq's Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil."

  • Soothe the nervous system
  • Relieve Nausea
  • Ease Headaches
  • Heal Minor Wounds
  • Nourish Skin
  • Hydrate Chapped Lips
  • Prevent Cold Sores
  • Combat Acne
  • Minimize Sunspots/ age spots
  • Diminish Dandruff
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • PURE & NATURAL: Lyrical Lavender Essential Oil has been carefully extracted from the flower buds of English Lavender plant. The extraction is by hydro-distillation to maintain the goodness and purity.
  • MAKES SKIN GLOW: The goodness of Lyrical Lavender oil is well know to bring glow to your skin. It nourish, remove age-spots, pigmentation. Add 2-3 in daily moisturiser or face pack to bring that irresistible glow.
  • HAIR NOURISHMENT: Lyrical Lavender oil helps in Hair growth and nourish scalp. So problems like Dandruff or dull hairs can be cured by just adding 3 drops in your hair massage oil or hair pack.
  • PACKAGE: Lyrical Lavender oil is available in Zesty magnetic box with UV protected bottle to maintain the vitality of oil
  • Droppers: There are 2 droppers, one is Convenience Insert dropper and other is Precision Silicon dropper for accurate use.
  • GOODNESS OF NATURE: Harness the goodness of nature encapsulated in form of small flowers of Lavender. They can bring miracles to your health.
  • ZESTEQ'S MISSION: Zesteq is on a mission to bring pure and therapeutic grade of essential oils to you which can be used in daily routine by massage, Spa, Daily moisturisers, packs, face steams and even in diffusers.
    Directions For Use

    Pure Essential oils are 70 times more concentrated than the whole plant. So the use of Essential oil directly is strictly prohibited. Use them after Dilution in following ways:

    IN MASSAGE: For adults 2.5% dilution is recommended, while 1% dilution for children is safe. For 30 ml oil, we can use 6 drops for children and 12-15 drops for adults.

    INHALATION: 5-10 Drops can be mixed in hot water for inhalation.

    BATHS: To use the essential oils for bath, 5-10 drops of oil can be mixed with half cup of bath salts or milk. If you are using them in a bath tub, then just mix 5-10 drops in the bath tub to take maximum benefit.

    COMPRESSES: Put 10 drops in 120 ml hot water. Soak cotton cloth and wrap on the affected area.

    FACIAL STEAM: Put 1-5 drops in hot water in a pot, cover head with a towel for steam on face.

    DIFFUSER: Put 5-10 drops in the diffuser for fragranting and purifying the air.


    For external Use only.

    Avoid contact with eyes.

    In sensitive/allergic cases, use under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    Do not apply directly on the skin without Dilution.

    Keep in cool, dry and dark place.

      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
      Lyrical Lavender Essential oil - Essential Oils - Zesteq
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      +15ml Essential oil
      + Elegant Reusable Box
      + Precision Silicon Dropper
      + 2 Zesty Stickers
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