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Berrino Luxury Perfume for Women

Indulge in the exquisite scent of Berrino, a symphony of fragrance that unfolds with every spritz. This signature scent perfume for women is a blend of berries and blooms, creating a story untold with each note. The 30 ml bottle is the perfect size to carry with you, allowing you to experience luxury wherever you go.

With Berrino, every lingering note is a reminder of the sweet soul that it adorns. This fragrance is a treasure to devote yourself to, enveloping you in a luxurious and captivating aroma. Add this perfume to your collection and elevate your senses with its irresistible scent.

Experience the best fragrance perfume for women: Berrino by ordering now. With its branded packaging and high-quality ingredients, this perfume is a must-have for any woman who appreciates the finer things in life. 

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Introducing Berrino: Embrace Your Sweet Innocence with Every Spritz
Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with Berrino, the enchanting perfume crafted for the sweet and innocent at heart. Designed for girls who radiate charm and grace, Berrino captivates the senses with its irresistible blend of fruity and floral notes, evoking visions of carefree days and sugary delights.

With its irresistible blend of fruity and floral notes, Berrino is more than just a fragrance—it's a celebration of youth, innocence, and the joy of embracing your true self. So why wait? Treat yourself to a bottle of Berrino today and experience the magic of sweet sophistication with every spritz.


Top Notes: Berrino opens with a burst of juicy sweetness, as succulent Strawberry, tart Cranberry, and luscious Cherries dance playfully on the skin. Each spritz transports you to a sun-drenched orchard, where the air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of ripe fruits waiting to be plucked.
Heart Note: At the heart of Berrino lies a bouquet of freshness, where zesty Bergamot, tangy Pomegranate, and luscious Grapes intertwine in a symphony of scent. Like a breath of fresh air on a warm summer day, these notes infuse the fragrance with a youthful exuberance and a touch of sophistication.
Base Note: As the perfume settles, it reveals a creamy and comforting base of Vanilla, Black Currant, and Jasmine. Vanilla adds a hint of indulgence, while Black Currant brings depth and richness. Jasmine lends a delicate floral sweetness, leaving a lingering trail of irresistible allure wherever you go.
Indulge your senses and unleash your inner charm with Berrino. Whether you're strolling through sun-dappled meadows or twirling under the starry night sky, let Berrino be your companion, enveloping you in a cocoon of sweetness and innocence that is simply irresistible.

Story of Berrino

In a kingdom far away,
Lived a chirpy girl so gay,
With a heart full of dreams,
And a smile that always beams.

One day, a gift came her way,
A perfume in a bottle so gay,
The scent of berries, flowers, and fruit,
A fragrance so heavenly to suit.

So she spritzed the perfume on her wrist,
And twirled around in a playful twist,
The aroma wrapped her in a sweet embrace,
And lifted her to a magical place.

The scent of the berries was bright and bold,
The flowers were soft and gentle to hold,
And the fruit was sweet and luscious too,
A fragrance that was just perfect and new.

For this chirpy girl, the perfume was a key,
To unlock her true potential and be free,
A scent that matched her dreamy way,
The perfume fit for a princess in every way.

    Berrino Luxury perfume for women branded 30 ml, Signature scent perfume
    Berrino Luxury perfume for women branded 30 ml, Signature scent perfume
    Berrino Luxury perfume for women branded 30 ml, Signature scent perfume
    Berrino Luxury perfume for women branded 30 ml, Signature scent perfume


    How long does the fragrance typically last?

    Our perfume is designed to provide an All Day Stay experience, ensuring that the fragrance lasts throughout the entire day. While individual experiences may vary due to factors such as skin chemistry and application technique, our goal is to create a long-lasting scent that accompanies you from morning to night, allowing you to enjoy Zesteq's Signature Fragrance without worrying about frequent reapplication.

    How should I store the perfume to maintain its quality?

    To maintain the quality of your perfume, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Ideally, keep it in its original packaging to protect it from light and air exposure. Avoid storing it in the bathroom, as humidity can affect the fragrance. By following these storage guidelines, you can preserve the integrity and longevity of your perfume for an optimal scent experience.

    What is the concentration of the perfume?

    Our perfume is crafted with a high concentration of fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting scent experience. The general concentration of an EDP is typically between 15-20%. While we don't disclose an exact percentage, rest assured that our perfume is created with the perfect balance of natural oils to provide a rich and captivating fragrance. Our goal is to offer a perfume with a concentration that delivers both longevity and an enticing aroma that will leave a lasting impression.

    What does the perfume smell like?

    Oud Arabia unveils a captivating fragrance that embraces you with its warm, sweet and enticing aura. The rich and velvety yet heavy oudwood, carefully blended with soft notes of jasmine and neroli, creates a symphony of scents that caresses the senses. As the fragrance unfolds, a tapestry of roses, castoreum, and cardamom gently weaves together, adding depth and allure. Finally, the soft embrace of sandalwood and cedarwood envelopes you in a lingering warmth that evokes the essence of Arabian nights.