Imagine walking into your favourite café for a sip of a warm cup of cappuccino. the moment you step inside, you encounter the scent of the most relieving aroma of coffee and chocolate diffused all around in the air. You can taste the chocolate in the air and sense the coffee flowing in your veins. Wouldn't you want to bring that environment to your home lounge with legs straight and sipping coffee?

       COCOTY- India’s first coffee-scented perfume


Imagine the whole intense café scent condensed in the size of a bottle ready in your hands. Each spray is enough to bring memories of the days you spent in the café during with your loved ones. With The love of coffee blended in and out, Experience relaxation and peace not just once a while, but anytime anywhere and everywhere.


The Fragrance of Cocoty

Cocoty is a blend of chocolate, coffee, caramel and love. It is made from the extract of coffee beans, cocoa and other natural ingredients, blended with butter.  Each drop is enough to pacify the stress, tension and anxiety at the end of the day.

The sweet aroma from the cup of coffee fills the room within seconds of each spray.

It is the best perfume for men and women to wear in 2023. It is trendy and unique.





 COCOTY – How To Use

Cocoty is a strong-flavoured coffee perfume. It is long lasting perfume, lasting for the full day. Just 1 spray can change the ambience around you.

You should Spray once on the pulse points on your hands i.e. position on hand where you can read pulse from and once behind your ear, on the neck and you are set to go.


COCOTY- When and Where to use

COCOTY is a seasonless perfume. You can use it in summer on daily basis, in winter to have the feel of sitting in front of the fireplace sipping coffee and spring roaming around with friends.

COCOTY can be used on occasions like family gatherings, birthdays and parties.


Cocoty- The Stress buster

The best place to use cocoty is your house!
Sit back, relax and spray some cocoty, sip some coffee and chill. The stress within your body magically disappears and life becomes in a way “heaven”.

Another good place is your office, it may be also your work-at-home office. The scent of cocoty accompanies you throughout your tiresome day, giving you comfort and care.


Cocoty - The ALPHA Perfume

It is common knowledge among perfume experts to use coffee beans to remove nose blindness while testing various perfumes. Why is that? Because it neutralizes the smell of every other perfume, or in other words, is DOMINANT.

When worn at parties or gatherings, it stands out among every other perfume and makes you noticeable. It invites others to talk to you and develop relationships, may it be professional or personal.
One benefit of Cocoty is that it also removes unwanted smells nearby while walking or while in a car, making your travelling comfortable and fragrant.



COCOTY- A magical confidence charm

Everyone loves to hear a compliment from a loved one. It may be a friend, sibling, parent or even your love partner. And who doesn’t love the scent of coffee, especially when it's Cocoty.
Imagine going on an unplanned date, with no confidence and no positive response from the other person. All the energy in you just shatters. But suddenly you hear “Mmmm, is that coffee? Is it coming from you?”

The sun rises within seconds and makes your day brighter.

For an introvert, it’s a magic charm, even one compliment and one smile on us make his/her day.

Hence, many people build and groom their personalities.